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Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Telegram

The telegram read " I was very ill, London doctors have declared that I am completely cured of a mystery illness. Alhamdhullilah...Insha Allah, looking forward to seeing you soon" Vadood.

Now this was months before ...Wapa concluded the Pakistan/England second hand blankets deal. As Akka predicted , truly and surely 'shelva kaalam' had indeed arrived for Vadood hajiar ! What did 50.000 English Pounds do for a man who faced the 'wolf at the door'. ..his wife with only her prayers left with her..and hungry children who could not understand why there was not much food to share.

Let me take you to the day that Wapa arrived at 'Pakistan House' Fort Galle Ceylon...Umma had received from Wapa, quite a bit of money and she had the house painted and and new things were there ...and the children were decked with spanking new clothes...and the gardener had spruced up our front garden...

Sholay Aatha prepared chicken kuruma and wattallapam..and Umma made her special  'sarruvandhu' with orange and pineapple and finely chopped cadju nuts...and flavoured with cardamoms and a touch of rose water..It was memorable. We, the children did not quite understand
what was happening...I felt like I was filled with power with all these happy happenings.

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